More about suspending your location

What is a suspension?

A suspension is applied by a library to its location in an interlibrary loan system, preventing it from creating and receiving requests over a given period.

How do suspensions work?

Once your library has applied a suspension, all incoming requests with your library location on the rota will automatically ‘skip over’ your location and move on to the next one.

Do I need to suspend my location for public holidays?

The LADD Gateway is suspended for all national and state public holidays as well as weekends. For the Christmas and New Year period, it is suspended on:

  • Christmas Day

  • Boxing Day and

  • New Year’s Day.

You do not need to suspend your location for any national or state holidays if your library is closed for only those days.

However, if your library is closing for an extended period, such as from 22 December to 9 January, then you will need to apply a local suspension for this period, overriding the public holiday suspension applied in the Gateway.

What about ISO ILL libraries?

All suspensions applied by LADD libraries are communicated to ISO ILL libraries automatically via email, and incoming suspensions from ISO ILL systems are applied automatically for most ISO ILL locations.

However, for libraries that have their own ISO ILL systems but have not yet automated the process, suspensions are more complex. These libraries need to apply suspensions manually in their system for all suspended locations. They also need to suspend their own location as appropriate.

What will happen if I don’t apply a suspension?

If your library does not apply a suspension when you can’t process requests for a given period, interlibrary loan requests will stop at your location for 4 working days before moving to the next location on the rota. This will slow down the interlibrary loan and document delivery workflow, and it will take longer for libraries to receive requested material.

If an ISO ILL library does not apply a suspension in their own ISO ILL system for a suspended location, requests they send to the location will be stuck—that is, the request will not move on to the next location, even after 4 working days. The only way to solve this problem is to cancel the request and create a new one, meaning extra work for both the requesting and lending library.

To reduce the number of suspension emails and relieve some of the workload on our interlibrary loan members who haven’t automated their suspension process, we ask that libraries who are closed for the statutory holidays, as well as the three working days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and 2 January, do not apply a suspension for their library.

How do I apply a suspension?

For information on applying a suspension, see:

How do I remove the suspension?

At the end of a suspension period, your location will automatically be unsuspended.

What else do I need to know?

Don’t leave your suspension until the last minute—apply it as early as possible.

Take care when applying suspensions, as multiple changes can greatly increase the workload of some ISO ILL libraries.

Check the availability of supplying libraries before sending a Rush or Express request by phoning them in advance. This is especially important in the lead-up to Christmas—that is, from the beginning of the third week of December.

Consult the LADD suspension directory when making requests over the holiday periods. It is updated daily with new suspensions.