2015 Forum - Program

"Unique to ubiquitous: library resources in a linked data world"

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

Tuesday 1 December 2015, 8.45am - 4.45pm

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Time Session
8:15am Registrations Open
8:45am Opening address
Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
Director-General, National Library of Australia
9:00 am Unique to ubiquitous, local to hosted, national to transnational: what's happening in the world of national bibliographies ... and what does this mean for Libraries Australia
Dr Marie-Louise Ayres
Assistant Director-General, National Collections Access, National Library of Australia
9:15 am The fellowship of the NUC (our precious)
Jenny McDonald
Manager, Collaborative Services and
Kaye Foran
Customer Support Consultant (Te Puna), National Library of New Zealand, The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua


The NUC (New Zealand National Union Catalogue) is a collaboration between New Zealand libraries and the National Library of New Zealand. It is the cornerstone of Te Puna Services, providing a collection of online tools and services created with the help of New Zealand librarians to support daily tasks of searching, cataloguing, sharing resources, and managing collections. In a journey aimed to find a modern, next-generation system to meet members’ cataloguing and resource sharing needs into the future, Jenny McDonald and Kaye Foran reflect on the risks, opportunities, and challenges faced to protect and ensure the fellowship of the NUC.
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10:00am The facilitated collection: collections and collecting in a network environment
Lorcan Dempsey
VP Research and Chief Strategist at OCLC

We often think of collections as local – whether owned or licensed. Increasingly this picture is changing in several ways. Libraries are sharing responsibility for collections. Libraries are providing access to materials they do not own, but which are available to their users (freely available digital book collections for example). Demand driven acquisitions changes the view of local collections. Institutions are also thinking about how to manage locally produced materials (research data for example) and support access across institutions. This trend is supported by changes as discovery is peeled away from local collections. This presentation discusses these trends, and collections and discovery change in a network environment.
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10:45am Morning Tea
11:15am Digitisation, Documentation and large collections of pictures: the NSLA report and a first application (so far)
Kevin Bradley
Senior Curator, Pictures and Manuscripts, National Library of Australia 

The report commissioned by the NSLA large pictorial collections group, “Pictures Digitisation and Description Project: Workflow Analysis Report” was tabled earlier this year and the findings presented to the NSLA CEOs. The report analyses the way NSLA libraries have undertaken digitisation and documentation of pictures collections with the aim of revealing successful approaches and identifying shared areas for improvement. The NSLA Heritage group is working on the recommendations. This presentation will discuss some of the findings of that report, discuss common areas for improvement and show the NLA’s approach at streamlining description of pictures collections.
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11:45am Using WorldShare Collection Manager to manage E-Collections 

Join David Whitehair, OCLC and John Butera, Swinburne University of Technology for a discussion about using WorldShare Collection Manager and the WorldCat knowledge base to manage E collections. David will provide an overview of the functionality that streamlines MARC record deliver for electronic materials to help patrons discover and access your electronic titles. John will provide an overview of how his library uses the service to source MARC records, specifically for managing Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) for EBL titles.
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12:35pm Forum Afternoon Chair
Introduction of Libraries Australia trainers and User Group convenors
Monika Szunejko
Director, Libraries Australia, National Library of Australia
12:45pm Lunch
1:45 pm PANEL SESSION: Experiments in linked open data
Linked data may be flavour of the month but where do you begin? What does it take to create linked data, and how do libraries justify the effort spent to create it?Panellists Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Senior Program Officer, OCLC, Ebe Kartus, Australian representative on the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA and Peter Neish, Research Data Curator, The University of Melbourne will join Panel Chair Ingrid Mason, eResearch Analyst, Intersect Australia, to share their answers to these questions.
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3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3:30 pm Re-directs: The Australian Libraries Gateway and the Australian Interlibrary Resources Sharing Directory
Basil Dewhurst
Project Manager, Directories Replacement Project, National Library of Australia 

In 2015 the National Library of Australia commenced a project to redevelop the Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) and the Interlibrary Resource Sharing Directory (ILRS) services, the first major revamp of these essential services since ALG was launched in December 1998, and ILRS launched in 2001.
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4:00 pm Camera obscura: a pinhole approach to understanding ILL costs and trends
Dennis Massie
Program Officer, OCLC 

No one has access to all the world’s ILL cost and transaction data, or even to a significant portion of the whole, making it nearly impossible to understand what is happening across the entire collection-sharing ecosystem. In this presentation, Dennis Massie will describe a pair of ongoing OCLC Research efforts to tap into the ILL data stream and draw conclusions from carefully designed snapshots. The two projects are 1) a five-year study of all collection-sharing activities of the members of two consortial borrowing groups, and 2) the construction of an ILL cost calculator tool that will function like a real-time ILL cost study.
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4.30 pm Closing address
Geoff Strempel
Associate Director, Public Library Services, State Library of South Australia and Chair, Libraries Australia Advisory Committee
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