2009 Forum program

Hobart Function & Convention Centre

Friday 6 November 2009, 9 am - 3 pm

9.00 am Welcome and Introduction 

Jan Fullerton, Director-General, NLA

Sovereign Room
9.20 am Current social, policy and technology influences on libraries and the relevance of libraries in this environment powerpoint (flash) | audio (mp3, 41.2 MB) 

Jim Michalko, Vice President, RLG Programs Development, OCLC

10.00 am Current status and future of the CBS system powerpoint (ppt, 4.5 MB) | audio (mp3, 39.9 MB) 

Janifer Gatenby, Research Integration & Standards, OCLC

10.40 am Morning Tea
11.00 am Libraries Australia Report powerpoint (ppt, 9.9 MB) | audio (mp3, 26.0 MB) 

Warwick Cathro, Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing & Innovation, NLA

Sovereign Room
11.25 am
Concurrent sessions
Interlibrary Loans Libraries Australia Document Delivery powerpoint (ppt, 626 KB) | audio (mp3, 14.6 MB) 

Deborah Fuller, Manager, Libraries Australia Product Development & Debbie Hanington, Administrator, Libraries Australia Document Delivery

NSLA Re-imagining Libraries Project 4: Delivery powerpoint (ppt, 914 KB) | audio (mp3, 16.7 MB)

Margaret Allen, CEO & State Librarian, State Library of Western Australia

New standards for resource delivery powerpoint(ppt, 1.7 MB) | audio (mp3, 1.7 MB)

Janifer Gatenby, Research Integration & Standards, OCLC

Sovereign Room
Cataloguing & Metadata Futures Cataloguing service update powerpoint (ppt, 355 KB) | audio(mp3, 11.7 MB) 

Bemal Rajapatirana, Manager, Libraries Australia Database Services

NSLA Re-imagining Libraries Project 8: Description and cataloguing powerpoint (ppt, 352 KB) | audio (mp3, 9.9 MB)

Pam Gatenby, Assistant Director-General, Collections Management, NLA

Update on RDS & cataloguing standards developments powerpoint (ppt, 1.7 MB) | audio (mp3, 11.7 MB)

Deirdre Kiorgaard, Director, Serials Collection Management & Standards, NLA

Marina Room
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Environmental scan of state libraries powerpoint (ppt, 2.0 MB) 

Margaret Allen, CEO & State Librarian, State Library of Western Australia

Sovereign Room
2.10 pm Trove launch audio (mp3, 17.7 MB) 

Warwick Cathro & Jan Fullerton

2.30 pm Questions with & without notice powerpoint (ppt, 313 KB) | audio (mp3, 11.6 MB) 

Warwick Cathro

2.45 pm Closing remarks & evaluations
3.00 pm Forum close