2009 Roadshow (April – September 2009)

The 2009 Libraries Australia Roadshow provided an overview of the Libraries Australia services as well as an opportunity to discuss the ways in which organisations can fully utilise the services offered. The Roadshow was intended to be informative and interactive. It was not intended to be a training session.

Presentations included information on:

  • Libraries Australia Search
  • Libraries Australia Administration
  • Libraries Australia Document Delivery
  • Introduction to Cataloguing
  • Record Import Service
  • Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client
  • Libraries Australia Web Cataloguing
  • Global Holdings Update
  • Uploading Summary
  • Record Export Service
  • Products
  • Z39.50
  • Search Download
  • Downloading summary

A total of 23 Roadshows were conducted in every State and Territory of Australia. The Libraries Australia Roadshow facilitators travelled over 26,000 km by air and road to deliver presentations to 749 staff of Libraries Australia members!

See what was presented at the 2009 Roadshow: