Libraries Australia team comes to you

Libraries Australia is reshaping the way we do the annual visits across the country. We are trying to maximise our time and meet with as many  of our members as possible in each visit. We know that members value the annual presentation that Libraries Australia has provided to local communities groups, and enjoy the opportunity for Q&A and open discussion when we have attended mid-year meetings—we want to continue and build on that tradition by extending our on-site visits.

The on-site visits will look different this year: to be able to spend more time at each site and meet with different groups, two Libraries Australia staff members will visit over two days and conduct a more focussed consultation visit with groups.  As such, we will only be able to visit 1-2 states or territories each year. This approach is in line with our focus on developing deeper connections with communities of practice around library systems, projects, and local issues.

From this year we will trial a new format to deliver our presentation to members ‘virtually’, opening it up to a wider number of members.  The ‘virtual’ visit, aimed for late July/ early August, will include a presentation and/or video call from a number of our Libraries Australia representatives to give the Libraries Australia community an overview of activities and an update on services.   We would like more of our Libraries Australia team to be able to connect with the community and will have 2-3 team members join each ‘virtual’ visit.  Our representatives will be available for Q&A and discussion following the presentation.  This format allows members to either attend individually, or gather in groups to network with colleagues as well. It will also provide participants the opportunity to hear from colleagues beyond their local groups.

Following each ‘virtual’ visit we will be conducting a survey and would really like to hear your feedback about your experience to help us maximise their value to our members. More information will be provided shortly.