Printing, emailing and downloading records

You can print, email or download records from Libraries Australia Search in a variety of formats, with or without their holdings, for research purposes.

Available formats are:

  • brief record

  • full record

  • MARC (Unicode)

  • MARC (MARC-8)

  • citation.

When emailing records, you can send them to multiple email addresses by separating the email addresses with either a semi-colon (;) or comma (,).

You can email and download records to import into bibliography management packages such as EndNote or ProCite. To do this, choose the citation format when exporting records.

When downloading records, note that:

  • if one of the records you have selected for download does not support MARC format, you won’t be able to download any of the records in that format. Remove that record from the records to be downloaded, or select an alternate format

  • if Asian or other non-Roman characters appear as boxes in downloaded records you may need to install a Unicode font that has the relevant characters.