Reminder - Feedback on the new Libraries Australia Search (LA Search Alpha)

A reminder that the alpha version of the new Libraries Australia Search (LA Search Alpha) is available to try out and provide feedback.

We ask that feedback be provided no later than this Sunday 16 June 2013.

There is an information page about LA Search Alpha (link below) that you should read first. It includes information about how to log in, how to give feedback and a list of the things that are different from the old system. (This page is also accessible from a link on the top right-hand corner of the LA Search Alpha screens called "About this alpha site").

During Stage 4 of the redevelopment project (the last stage) there will be further releases of LA Search Alpha as the remaining functionality is added, plus any required modifications identified from user feedback. LA users will be notified of each new release and further feedback sought.

LA Search Alpha information page:

You can navigate to the rest of the new system from there. Thank you for your continued interest in the project and we look forward to receiving your valuable feedback.


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