Our services

Finding & getting items

Use Libraries Australia Search to find and get items from the combined collections of Australia’s libraries (the ANBD). Check the availability of an item in your own or other libraries or link through to an online bookseller. Our Search service offers:

  • Google-like searching
  • advanced and command searching
  • ability to refine searches
  • access via username and password or IP authentication
  • simultaneous searching of many external databases.

You can:

  • save, email, download or print records
  • save and re-run searches
  • personalise users’ access
  • compare records and report duplicates
  • select favourite libraries
  • link directly to items in online catalogues. See deep linking for information on how to set this up.

Members can also use their own system to search Libraries Australia (i.e. the ANBD and/or any of our external databases) via Z39.50.

Contributing records & holdings to the ANBD

There are 3 methods for contributing records and/or holdings to the ANBD:

  • Web Cataloguing - uses a form as a quick and effective way of adding minimal level bibliographic records as well as and adding, editing or deleting library holdings on the ANBD.
  • Cataloguing Client - software that is installed on your computer which supports cataloguing directly to the ANBD. Libraries can create and edit bibliographic records; add, modify and delete holdings; perform authority work and import records from external databases. Records can be created in non-Latin scripts including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Greek, Tamil, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Record Import Service - imports batch files of bibliographic and/or holdings records into the ANBD automatically rather than cataloguing and adding them individually. Libraries can catalogue on their local system and add bibliographic records to the ANBD; and, add, change or delete holdings on the ANBD.

The cataloguing method chosen will depend on a number of factors including library type and size, individual library policies and cataloguing skills of staff. We encourage you to read this cataloguing workflows document to help you determine which cataloguing method (or combination of) is best for you.

Obtaining records from the ANBD

Record Export Service - enables libraries to obtain MARC records from Libraries Australia for loading into their local library systems. Adding, editing or deleting holdings using  triggers records to download. Files of records are available for collection up to 6 times a day.

  • Products enables libraries to obtain files of new and updated bibliographic records, authority records, records with new or updated holdings, titles lists or specific customised products in various formats. Straightforward products are run automatically and in some cases will be available on the same day. More complex products will require more time and may have to be discussed with Libraries Australia staff.

Document delivery & interlibrary loans

Libraries Australia Document Delivery is a web-based interlibrary loan and document delivery system that provides access to over 700 Libraries Australia libraries, the New Zealand Te Puna interlibrary loan network and the international commercial supplier Infotrieve. Use Libraries Australia Document Delivery to:

  • create interlibrary loan requests
  • search the ANBD to locate items
  • search Te Puna, the National Bibliographic Database of New Zealand
  • manage the entire request and supply process
  • manage financial transactions relating to interlibrary loans via the Payments Service
  • facilitate free interlibrary lending between reciprocal partners
  • track activity using built-in reporting facilities
  • order online from commercial suppliers.

LADD also interoperates with other standards-compliant ILL systems.

Administering your subscription

Libraries Australia Administration stores and manages all subscription account details and permissions. Libraries can create accounts, view charges, generate statistical reports, manage their RES and RIS activity and order Products.

RAP & GovRAP: Australian publications listings

Recent Australian Publications (RAP) is a free monthly reference service listing Australia’s recent publications. These works have been published in Australia, written by Australians, or contain Australian material.

Recent Australian Government Publications (GovRAP) is a free monthly reference service listing Australia's recent government publishing output. Each publication has been published during the current or previous two years by a government department or agency.

RAP and GovRap are available free of charge in both alphabetical and subject classified order using the Dewey Decimal Classification System.