Libraries Australia Products is a service offered to our members for obtaining records from the ANBD*. Products are basically files of records that have been retrieved from the ANBD, so if you can find it in Libraries Australia, we can extract it as a Product!

*Members can also obtain records from the ANBD through our Record Export Service, however Products are probably more suitable for obtaining large record sets.

Product scenarios

Possible scenarios where you may consider a product include:

  • obtaining copies of updated bibliographic and authority records;
  • replacing AACR2 records with RDA records;
  • obtaining a titles list of your holdings for shelf checking;
  • identifying resources in particular subject areas;
  • obtaining MARC records for your electronic collections;
  • preventing collection overlap with your associated libraries;
  • identifying which of your holdings on Libraries Australia are unique; and
  • adding ANBD and OCLC numbers etc to your ILMS.

See more information in our Products booklet on how products can assist libraries and possible scenarios.

Product types

Products include new and updated bibliographic records, authority records, records with new or updated holdings, records for electronic or microform collections as well as customised products. The following Product types are available:

NOTE: Members who receive MARC records from Libraries Australia are required to retain the 040 field which identifies the source of the MARC record. Please remember to add your NUC symbol to the 040’s 'a' subfield when cataloguing a new record, and the 'd' subfield when changing a record.

Authorities files

Marc 21 authority records are available for Names, Titles, Subjects and Linked Authorities. The Linked Authorities product provides you with a customised file of authority records tailored to your own collection (i.e. containing only authority records linked to bibliographic records with your holding).

A set of all Australian Authorities or particular types of authorities such as only Names can be purchased. These are automated products and will normally be available the same day unless special instructions are given.

Sets of all Authorities on the ANBD can be purchased for a set fee. See our fees & charges and how to order a product for further details.

Bibliographic & holdings files

These are files of bibliographic records extracted from the ANBD which have your holdings attached where:

  • your holdings have been added or modified within a specified time period, or
  • the bibliographic records have been modified within a specified time period.

Can be run as a one off or as a regularly scheduled file.

Concordance files

A bar delimited (Excel or similar compatible file) or text file that list 2 or more numbers or other identifying part of a bibliographic record together. They enable you to add or synchronise extra information from the ANBD within your own catalogue. For example, if you have a local system number that you have been including in your holdings on the ANBD but you don’t have the ANBD or OCLC number in your local system, we can provide you with a concordance file that lists these 2 numbers together so you can match on your local system number and add the ANBD or OCLC number.

By having ANBD and/or OCLC numbers in your local system, you can:

  • improve deep linking from WorldCat to your library catalogue, especially for unique items and others that don’t contain ISBNs or ISSNs, and,
  • enable better matching in your own system with records coming in from the ANBD as well as records you add to the ANBD in the future.

With concordance files, unique or rare items will easily be discoverable through the global catalogue, WorldCat and Libraries Australia!

Concordance files can be run as a one off or as a regularly scheduled file.

Customised extractions

These are files of MARC 21 bibliographic records extracted from the ANBD based on a file of ANBD numbers, ISBNs or ISSNs provided by the member. The numbers need to be provided in a left justified text file. ISBN or ISSN extractions can include all matching bibliographic records or they can be ‘ranked’ and include only the best bibliographic record for each number.

Text files

These are text files listing the titles for which your library has holdings. They contain the ANBD number, title, name, imprint, ISBN/ISSN and your holdings. They can be limited by bibliographic level (e.g. monograph or serial) and are sorted according to your specifications.

File formats

All products are provided as a file which is downloaded from our Administration system. Product formats are:

  • MARC 8
  • MARC Unicode
  • Text
  • XML

Products can be run as a once-off order or as a regular extraction on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Some simple products can be run automatically and will be available for collection the same day, while others are more complex and will take longer to process.
The MARC output table maps the differences between online display and MARC output via downloading and batch products. Records can also be supplied in delimited format on request to allow for importing and manipulation in applications such as Microsoft Excel.

How to order a Product

Libraries Australia members can order a product via the online form available from within the Administration system. However they must have Customer Administrator access enabled to access the Products order form.

To order a product:

  1. Login to LA Admin with your Customer Administrator login.
  2. Click on the “Products” tab.
  3. Click on the “Order forms” link (below the main tabs).
  4. Select the Product that you would like to order.
  5. Fill in the form and submit.

If the automated products available through the Products order form don't meet your requirements you can request a customised product through the Libraries Australia Help Desk.

Please contact the Help Desk if you require assistance or further information or need Customer Administrator access enabled on your account.

Product charges

See our fees & charges page as prices vary depending on the Product and file type. Charges will be added to your Libraries Australia account.