Archiving requests on the LADD Gateway

Once a year the LADD Administrator archives (i.e. removes from the database) all requests that are in a terminal state (i.e. Received for copies and Checked In for loans) and that have not been actioned for at least 6 months.

Once a request is archived it cannot be retrieved. If you run reports, it is therefore important to run them regularly and on time, so that you do not lose valuable statistical information. (Note: Avoid peak times for running reports, as they are run in real time and can affect the performance of the system).

When cleaning up old requests it is important that no additional actions are applied to requests that have been archived. If you are doing clean up work on requests that have already been archived, the only action that should be applied to these requests is to complete them. This will avoid the possibility of looping requests which can affect the stability of the LADD gateway.

Please consult the archive schedule below before doing bulk actions on old requests. Further clarification can be obtained via the Help Desk.

Archive Date Cut off Date (i.e. requests prior to this date were archived)
1 December 2006 1 July 2005
1 July 2007 1 December 2005
1 December 2007 1 July 2006
1 July 2008 1 December 2006
13 November 2008 1 July 2007
7 August 2009 1 July 2008
25 August 2010 1 July 2009
12 January 2012 1 July 2010
10 January 2012 1 July 2010
29 September 2012 1 January 2011
7 October 2013 1 January 2012
13 September 2014 1 January 2013
24 September 2015 1 January 2014

We will also send a message out to the LADD discussion list prior to performing an archive run.