Requesting from commercial suppliers via LADD


If you wish to be able to request items from Infotrieve via Libraries Australia Document Delivery, you need to be registered with the same details on both Libraries Australia Document Delivery and Infotrieve’s system.

Please contact us indicating your NUC, contact name, contact phone number and method of delivery for requests. Libraries Australia staff will send your location details to Infotrieve and notify you when you can begin requesting.


Once you are registered on the Infotrieve system, you are ready to go. You will have access to the Infotrieve database and all requests to Infotrieve will be included in your transaction reports and invoiced via Libraries Australia Document Delivery. Infotrieve also provides document delivery on behalf of NRC-CISTI (National Research Council Canadian Institute of Scientific & Technical Information).

What is the infotrieve database?

The Infotrieve z39.50 database comprises the official records for items available from a subset of Infotrieve sources. The records selected for inclusion in the Infotrieve  database are titles most relevant to Australian and New Zealand customers and titles with quality records available from Infotrieve's most reliable and efficient source collections who supply the same or next working day.

These sources are local and global collections where Infotrieve has a commercial sourcing agreement in place. The sources are either university libraries or commercial collections. As normal, articles are provided copyright compliant, via Ariel™ to an Ariel IP or standard email address.

The original records provided by these sources have been researched, verified, updated, amended, and converted into Infotrieve official records.

The format is MARC21 with fields displaying for:

  • Journal Title
  • Statement of Responsibility
  • Place of Publication
  • Publisher
  • Start Date
  • Year Start
  • End Date
  • Year End
  • ISSN
  • Remarks

Requesting from Infotrieve in Libraries Australia Document Delivery

There are 3 options when requesting from Infotrieve via LADD:

  1. Copy and Paste Citation
  2. Use bib details resulting from hits on searches in other targets
  3. Use bib details resulting from hits on the Infotrieve database

Options 1 and 2 require the manual input of 'IDOC' on the rota. Please note you can also add other locations to the rota and change the order of locations.

1. Copy and Paste Citation

If you already have a citation for the copy you want to request, you can click on the Create button at the top of the ILL Request Search screen.

Copy and paste, or manually input, your citation into the appropriate fields in the ILL Request form, and make sure the correct Format Type and Service Type are displayed:

Click on the Rota button at the bottom of the screen. On the Rota Screen type the Location Code IDOC into the Add to Rota box, and click on the Add button. Then click on the Submit button.

2. Use bib details resulting from hits on searches in other targets

Carry out a bib search on any of your available target databases in Libraries Australia Document Delivery. Select the record you want by clicking on the Request button on the right of the record

Complete the request form, and Click on the Rota button.

In the Rota Screen type the Location Symbol IDOC into the Add to Rota box, and click on the Add button. Then click on the Submit button.

3. Use bib details resulting from hits on the Infotrieve database

To search the 'idoc' target through LADD, on the Advanced Search screen, select the available profile 'Infotrieve'. You can submit searches by Title, ISSN, Place of Publication, Any, and Publisher.

Note: Should you wish to create a search profile to enable the searching of the 'idoc' target in combination with any other available targets, the lowest common denominator rule for broadcast searching applies - only searches using the search attributes common to all targets will return accurate results.

If your search returns a satisfactory result, click on 'Request', and you should be able to see the bibliographic details automatically populated in the request form. The 'Info Doc' location will be available for selection for the rota. Complete the part copy details on the Main ILL Request screen and hit 'Submit' or the 'Rota' tab. You should be able to see 'IDOC' automatically populated in the preliminary rota if you have selected the 'Info Doc' location on the Main part of the ILL Request details.


Document delivery is by airmail, fax, or Ariel (to an IP address or to an email address).


Infotrieve pricing for LADD libraries
Core service US $15 transaction fee + application copyright royalties
Rush service surcharge US $11
Express (Panic) service surcharge US $22

Documents of 50 pages incur an additional transaction fee for every 50 page increment. Existing price limits will apply to all orders. Should an order exceed the price limit, price approval will be requested prior to the order being supplied.

Institutions wishing to increase their price limit may do so by contacting Infotrieve Customer Service at