Release notes for LADD

VDX 7.3 release notes (current version)

New rota options

Along with the current manual rota where users select the locations they wish to send the request to, they also now have the option of a semi-automated and fully-automated rota.

‘User’ is no longer an available option in 7.3

Your library may wish to maintain several user accounts for the one location. As the function to implement this is no longer available in LADD, please contact the LA Helpdesk for this option.

Requested and Shipped Service Types

The Requested and Shipped service types are now visible on both the Received Action screen and the Request Details screen.

Advanced Request Search Page

Now able to search for multiple locations by Borrower or Lender Code (NUC Symbol) by using ‘Other Fields’ drop down menu.

Options Available after Logging in to LADD

After logging in the default page is Advanced Search. It is now also possible to have the Standard Bib Search, Standard ILL Request Search or the Work Queue screen display.

History Trail

Due to the previous display of incorrect ‘Authorised by’ values, incoming messages now have no 'Authorised by' name, and automatically transmitted messages are authorised by 'System' followed by name of program that generated automated message e.g. (system - Auto-Mediator)

Request Screen

When placing a request ‘Amount willing to pay’ has been removed from the Patron Details section. Borrower is still able to add Patron Name and Patron Email.

Received Screen

If the value of ‘Number of Items’ is changed by the lender when shipping (e.g. three volumes sent with one request) this is now stored correctly in the ‘Number of Items’ field in the Borrower Received Screen.

Work Queues

There have been a couple of changes to the Lender work queue. Overdue Today and Overdue > 4 weeks have been combined as Overdue – Due Date Passed. Requests that are in that Work Queue will then move into a new Work Queue Overdue – Actioned once the Overdue action by the Lender has been applied.

VDX 6.0.1 release notes

Unicode compliance

Unicode is now supported throughout VDX

Changes to item format list

The following new item formats are available in the Advanced Request Search screen and the ILL Request form:

  1. Visual Material
  2. Music Online
  3. Spoken Book
  4. DVD Music
  5. Blu Ray

The item format DVD Movie has changed to Video DVD. Minor changes to the listed sequence of item formats.

New Sheet Music request form

The new Sheet Music request form includes the additional fields: Opus Number, Key, Instruments, Scope and Type of Score and Number of Copies. Use for imported bibliographic records coded as Printed Music in the leader.

Query details added to the Query Result display

Request Hit List page now includes an identifier that hints at what search generated this listing:

  1. Work Queue searches display the Queue name
  2. Saved searches display the Saved Search name
  3. Simple searches display name of simple search
  4. Advanced searches simply display the text "Advanced search"

Notes Icon in the brief request form clickable

Pop up window contains the text of the most recent note.

Layout of Standard Request search screen has changed

The Borrower/Lender distinctions have been removed from the Standard Request search screen. The ILL number search also includes the supplier's alternative number if there is one. Users are able to edit which searches appear.

Changes to the Advanced Request search screen

  1. ILL Numbers option in the ILL Numbers field in the drop-down box now searches Our Number/ILL no and Their Number/TGQ.
  2. A second Sort by field has been added for complex sort options.
  3. Ability to sort Search Results list has been added.
  4. Sort options have been changed to: Current Responder Location; Current Responder Name; Expiry Date; ILL Number; Need Date; Requested Title; Requester Location; Requester Name.

”Foldable" Request screen

Various sections of the full request display and the ILL Request form are now foldable by clicking on arrows at the head of each section. Once a user sets a request form section to open or closed the setting is remembered between requests and across different sessions.

Number of Items field

The Shipped screen now has a new field that indicates the physical number of items being shipped to the borrowing location. The field number is defaulted to "1".

Reply by dates default to seven (7) days

The dates generated with Answer Conditional, Will Supply and Answer Retry messages now all default to seven days.

Popup error message if Shipped action does not include a due date

If there is no due date in the Shipped action screen the system will popup an error message

Retry date now included in the History field when a request is actioned Answer Retry

When Answer Retry is actioned by a Lender, the date inserted in the Retry action screen is now visible in the Request History field on both Borrower and Lender sides of the request.

Volume field for Books added to request entry and display screens:

Book request entry and display forms now always include a Volume field.

Ability to run a selected book-slip report against the current request

A new option on the Request Details page that generates a request specific book slip report dependent upon the role of the request. Typical reports that might appear here could include:


  • Requests Awaiting Authorisation
  • Standard Received List
  • Standard Returned List


  • Standard Pick List
  • Standard Shipping List

New Report: Requests Awaiting Authorisation

A new report has been added to the list of existing reports. It includes request at 'idle' with an authorisation status of 'For Manual Authorisation'. It will be useful for those libraries that use Enhanced Requesting.

Authorisation statuses ‘Acknowledged’/‘To Be Acknowledged’ changed to ‘Read’/’Unread’

1) The Authorisation Status of ‘Acknowledged’ has been changed to ‘Read’.
2) The Authorisation Status of ‘To Be Acknowledged’ has been changed to ‘Unread’.
3) The ‘Acknowledge’ button on the brief request display has been changed to ‘Mark as Read’.
4) The ‘Mark as Unread’ button on the Request Details screen remains unchanged.

Ability to publish saved request searches as Work Queue items

Saved ILL searches can now be published and will be visible in the new Published Saved Searches’ section of the Work Queue. Libraries who have multiple LADD signons will be able, on application to the LA Help Desk, to share their saved searches with other User Accounts within the same Library.

VDX 4.1.4 release notes

Cancelled requests

Cancelled requests are now included in the requester’s end of rota work queue.

Note replication

Item and public notes sent by ISO sites were replicating with all subsequent actions. This resulted in requests containing notes with more than 1000 characters sometimes creating looping requests on the gateway.

Suspension Icon

The suspension icon and accompanying details which appear next to the holding information in LADD bibliographic searches are now displaying correctly.

Public notes

Public notes now include the NUC of the location which sent the note and the correct date and time.

Answer Nonsupply action

When a responder actions Answer Will Supply to a request and then follows this action with an Answer Nonsupply, this Answer Nonsupply will NOT be overridden by another Answer Will Supply action.

Calculate new cost button

Changing the cost of an item about to be shipped and using the ‘calculate new cost’ button does not ‘reset’ other fields that have previously been altered such as delivery method or due date.

Mark as unread button

When a responder accesses a new request, this changes its authorisation status from ‘To Be Acknowledged’ to ‘Acknowledged’. If the responder wishes to return a request to authorisation status of ‘To be Acknowledged,’ selecting the ‘Mark as Unread’ button will now return the request to its original status in all circumstances.

Control numbers

Control numbers in bibliographic records (eg 001, 010, 035 fields) now display in the requester/borrower and responder/lender views for both copy and loan requests.

Bulk actions and the Rota

The rota now remains unaffected when performing bulk actions on requests.

Subtitle display

The subtitle now displays correctly for all item formats in Copy non returnable requests.

Item and public notes in print screen format

Item and public notes are now visible in the print format screen.

Item and public notes in copy requests

Item and public notes are now visible in all copy requests.

Item and public notes retained in re-requests

Item and public notes are now retained in a request when re-requesting an item with new locations added.

Modifying item format or service level in a new request

Modifying item format or service level in a new request does not result in the screen focussing on the rota search box

WebPDF delivery method

Selecting WebPDF as a delivery method for a copy request does not now result in the processed request arriving at the lender location with a different requested delivery method.

Client note display

client notes (in requests for manual authorisation) are displaying correctly in the request action screen when a request is authorised.

Page item counts in PDF reports

The PDF reports in the report section of the work queues now display correctly at the top of the page, the number of items on that particular page.


LADD 4.1.4 (Released 5 Dec 2011)

These notes refer to VDX 4.1.4, the Libraries Australia Document Delivery production service and are valid as of the 5 December 2011.

Libraries Australia Document Delivery Browser Compatibility - Browsers

Libraries Australia Document Delivery Browser Compatibility - Platforms


Differences between VDX 3.2.1 and VDX 4.1.2


The Requester is now known as the Borrower and the Responder is now known as the Lender.

Audit Details

Previously the Audit Details and now known as the History, this lists the sequence of action and action-indications for each request


The ILL Number is now known as ‘Our Number’ and the TGQ (Transaction Group Qualifier) is now known as ‘Their Number’


When attaching a TIFF document via the DocStore, the document is automatically converted to a PDF document

'Complete' Action

Previously an Authorisation Status, ‘Complete’ is now an Action that can be performed at any stage of the request lifecycle by either the Borrower (Requester) or Lender (Responder)

Request Screen

When creating a new request the Request screen display changes for a copy or a loan request, with appropriate fields displaying for the service type. The Request screen display is now on one screen, and there are no longer tabs for Main/Rota and Main/Documents.
WorkQueue Users are now able to edit the display of the WorkQueue. Also there is no longer a waiting column, just a total column for requests in that status.

ISO ILL requests

When a request is received from an ISO ILL location there will only be one request number appearing, which is the requesting ISO ILL sites Their Number (previously the TGQ).

ISO ILL locations

ISO ILL locations no longer appear with the ‘I’ prefixing the NUC. For example the University of New South Wales previously displayed as ‘INUN’, while they now display as ‘NUN’. There is no change in placing requests to ISO ILL locations.


Any dates that are included in responses, for example the answer date in Answer Will Supply or Answer Conditional actions, the Due Date, Local Due Date, Shipped Date or Desired Due Date for Renewal actions, now display under the Additional Service Details section in the ILL Request Details.


Users are able to send a Public Note associated with a request, which is viewable by both the Borrower (Requester) and Lender (Responder), or a Private Note which is viewable only by the library who attached the Private Note to the request. When creating a request the Borrower (Requester) is able to place an Item Note which is viewable by the Lender (Responder). The Public Note, Private Note and Item Note replace the Message action. When a note has been sent with an action, this action appears in blue in the History (audit trail). When clicking on this blue action, the note appears in a new window. The note is also able to be read within the body of the request itself.


Local library suspensions have been merged with system configured local calendar holidays (e.g. Melbourne Cup Day). Local calendar holidays are unable to be altered, however local library suspensions can be created, edited and deleted.

Default loan days

When shipping a loan request the due date is defaulted to 28 days in the future. Lenders (Responders) are able to change this due date before actioning shipped.

Enter key executable

On screens that have a ‘submit’ icon this action can be executed by the user hitting the ‘enter’ key on their keyboard.

Local Number

When creating a new request the Borrower (Requester) is able to use the Our Local Number field to record a locally defined running number for the request.

Amount Willing to Pay

When creating a new request the Borrower (Requester) is able to enter in the amount the patron is willing to pay for the item. This amount must be either blank, zero (0.00) or less then the Max Cost field, otherwise the request will go into Check Error. This patron amount is not taken into consideration during the Libraries Australia Document Delivery Payments Service report is generated.

Rota management

When creating a new request the Rota section now contains two tabs, Holdings and Found, to better manage the selection of the rota. The Holdings tab contains all of the LADD locations that hold the item. The Found tab will contain the locations that are located via a search in the ‘Library Symbol or Location Name’ field. When selecting locations to add to the rota the Borrower (Requester) is able to toggle between the Holdings and Found tabs.

Location details

Users are now able to click on the Location listed within the History (audit details) of a request, which opens a new window containing the current details of that location, including suspension status and delivery address.