Enhanced requesting for LADD

In a nutshell, Enhanced Requesting allows users to submit ILL requests directly from LA Search. Libraries Australia provides a number of options for users to get items via the Get this item button in LA Search. When this button is selected, the user is presented with 4 tabs - Online, Copy, Loan & Buy:

With Enhanced Requesting activated on your Libraries Australia account, users (i.e. end users and library staff) can request loans/copies of items via the Copy or Loan tab by simply completing an online form.

Note: Enhanced requesting is only available to LA members using the Libraries Australia Document Delivery system (not ISO compliant document delivery systems).


Activating Enhanced Requesting on your Libraries Australia account

Your account can be set up to use 1 of 2 forms for submitting enhanced requests:

  • Long form - for end users
  • Short form - to be used by ILL staff

Enhanced Requesting is turned off by default on your Libraries Australia account. If Enhanced Requesting is activated, you will see 2 extra links on the Copy or Loan tab when you select Get this item in LA Search - Request a copy via your library and Request a loan via your library.

If you do not have Enhanced Requesting activated on your account and would like to, please contact the Help Desk and tell us which form you would like to use. Or else, if your library has a Customer Administrator, this person can do it for you.

If you would like to see what Enhanced Requesting looks like set up, login to the LA Search training database as Username/Password = TRAINING21/TRAINING21 (to view the long form) or Username/Password = TRAINING26/TRAINING26 (to view the short form).

Submitting an Enhanced Request form in LA Search

With Enhanced Requesting activated, when you select Get this item you are given 2 options under the Copy or Loan tab  - Request a copy via your library and Request a loan via your library.

An enhanced request form is available when you select either option:

Option 1: Request a copy via your library is linked to a Copy Request Form so that the user can request a photocopy of the item.

Option 2: Request a loan via your library is linked to a Loan Request Form so that the user can place an Interlibrary Loan request for the item.

In either case, bibliographic details of the item are automatically included in the form. If the long form is used, there are mandatory fields for completion which are: name, address, email and phone, and the tick boxes for fee options and loan/copyright conditions (the short form does not require the staff member to enter these details). The Copy Request Form also has fields for specifying chapters, articles, volumes and page numbers. On both the Copy and Loan forms there is a Special Requirements box where the user can add additional important information.

More information on submitting enhanced requests including screen shots of the request forms is available in Chapter 7 of the LA Search Manual.

What happens to the request once the form has been submitted?

If your library uses Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD), the request will go straight to your LADD account; however if your library does not use LADD, the request will go to your library’s ILRS email address. In each case, an ILL officer will need to action the request before it is actually sent out to other libraries.

Processing Enhanced Requests in LADD

For Lending libraries in LADD, the process will be no different from handling normal incoming requests. If your library has asked for Enhanced Requesting in LA Search to be activated, new outgoing ILL requests submitted via LA Search will appear in your library's LADD account as Status: Idle, Authorisation status: For Manual Authorisation.

These requests require you to action them as Authorised before they are actually sent out to other libraries on the rota. Once you've authorised these requests, they will appear exactly as other LADD requests and will allow you to manage the selection of libraries on the rota before being sent.

To find enhanced requests:

  1. Click on Requests to go to the ILL Request Search screen.
  2. Under Your Library's Role select the Borrower radio button.
  3. Select Status = Idle and Authorisation Status = For Manual Authorisation.
  4. Click on Search.

To find a particular request using the number issued when the ILL request form was submitted in LA Search (e.g. LA293), go to the ILL Request Search screen and enter the number (including the LA part) into the Patron Name field and click on Search. To authorise enhanced requests:

  1. Select the desired requests and submit the Request action.
  2. Change the Authorisation Status to Authorisied.
  3. Make any changes to the rota if necessary and click on Request.

If you do not wish to authorise an enhanced request you should action the request and change the Authorisation Status to Un-Authorised.

You can then complete the request by submitting the Complete action in the requests results screen. This will remove it from your list of active requests.

Once a request has been submitted both Borrowing and Lending libraries will notice several minor differences in the display of request information:

  • Verification Source will appear as Work Source in the Notes field.
  • Additional Number/s will appear as Record ID (e.g. Titles Record ID, Authors Record ID etc) in the Notes field.
  • Notes about the conditions of the request including acceptance of copyright conditions and charges will also appear in the Notes field.
  • Patron details will automatically appear in the Patron Name field (Requester view only).

These differences affect the display of information only and do not require any change in the processes for handling requests.

More information on processing enhanced requests in LADD including screen shots of the request screens is available in Section 12 of the LADD Manual.