Service connection details

Service Host details Protocol details
Domain name IP address Name Port
Search http 80
Search training http 80
Cataloguing Client pica3 1521 or 11521
Cataloguing Client training pica3 1840
Web Cataloguing http 80
RIS via LA Admin http 80
RIS via ftp ftp 21 (control)
RES via LA Admin http 80
RES via ftp ftp 21 (control)
Document Delivery http (requires cookies) 80
Document Delivery training http (requires cookies) 80
Z39.50 z39.50 1821 (USMARC) or 210 (UNICODE)
Z39.50 test z39.50 1801


  • ftp only shows the control session port. Standard ftp is used, so the port will depend on whether default or passive mode is used.
  • Services using http do not use ActiveX. Java applets are not used in Libraries Australia however JavaScript is used in some pages.
  • Document Delivery is the only service that requires cookies.

Browser Compatibility:

Libraries Australia operates most efficiently with Internet Explorer 6 +, Firefox 1.0+ and Safari 3+ on Windows based PCs and is incompatible with Internet Explorer 5.2 or earlier on Mac computers.