Training for remote users

This training is appropriate for new users of Libraries Australia Document Delivery who may find it difficult to attend a training course in person, whether because they work in a physically remote location, or because there is a need to begin using Libraries Australia Document Delivery quickly and an appropriate training course will not be offered in their area for some time.

Users will need to be self-motivated and capable of working independently through the Learn Libraries Australia Document Delivery workbook. Familiarity with the use of PCs and Internet browsers is expected.

To use this training

  • Trainees should contact a designated online Trainer as listed below.  If a trainee requires assistance in locating a Trainer, they should contact the Help Desk.
  • The Trainer and Trainee should agree to the timeframe to undertake the study and method of communication that best suits both parties
  • The Trainee is to work through the LADD Manual independently.
  • If they have any questions whilst working through the workbook the Trainee should contact the Trainer directly by their agreed method
  • Once their self paced study of the manual is complete, the trainee should then apply to the Trainer to undertake their assessment on an arranged day.
  • The Trainer will assess their success in completing the assessment exercises.
  • On successful completion of their assessment the Trainee is sent an Assessment Certificate certifying their competency
  • If the Trainee does not successfully complete their assessment, the Trainer will discuss areas of concern and encourage the Trainee to work through that section of the Workbook again. The Trainer will then provide a modified set of assessment exercises concentrating only on the problem area.

On completion of this course participants will be able to effectively operate the Libraries Australia Document Delivery system for all their interlibrary loan processes.

Offered by the following Libraries Australia Trainers: