Trove Strategic Advisory Committee

Trove is a national asset. Contributing organisations are fundamental to its success.

Committee membership of the Trove Strategic Advisory Committee (TSAC)

Elected members

  • Laurie Atkinson - Director, Law Library of Victoria and Supreme Court Librarian – Law Library of Victoria
  • Cheryl Hamill - Head of Department, Library & Information Service, for the South and East Metropolitan Health Services - South Metropolitan Health Service
  • Liz Holcombe - Collection Manager, Print and Published - Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
  • Margaret Allen - CEO and State Librarian - State Library of Western Australia
  • Fiona Bradley - Director, Research Services and Corporate University Library - University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Teresa Chitty - University Librarian - University of Adelaide

NLA Appointed members

  • Suzie Gately – Manager, Libraries & Learning – City of Newcastle
  • Anna Raunik – Executive Director, Content & Client Services – State Library of Queensland

Marie-Louise Ayres, Director-General of the National Library and Alison Dellit, Assistant Director-General, Collaboration Branch also sit on TSAC


The first meeting of the Committee was held on 22 May 2020.

The Trove Strategic Advisory Committee will:

  • help shape strategic decision-making
  • represent the views of Trove Partners
  • be nominated and elected by Trove Partners
  • replace the Libraries Australia Advisory Committee (LAAC)

Importantly, the strategic direction of Trove’s collaborative digital services will be inclusive.

Committee responsibilities

The Trove Strategic Advisory Committee will work with the National Library of Australia by:

  • providing strategic advice
  • making recommendations on policies affecting Trove Collaborative Services
  • evaluating and prioritising services
  • consulting with Trove Partners

Committee structure

The Committee comprises elected and appointed representatives to ensure equitable representation across the broad spectrum of Trove Partner organisations: 

  • three elected representatives from smaller organisations
  • three elected representatives from larger organisations
  • up to four representatives appointed by the Director-General of the Library

More detailed information about the Committee is available in Schedule 2 of the Terms and Conditions.

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