Truncations and wildcard operators in Libraries Australia Search

Using *

Use the truncation symbol * after a word stem, or at the end of an initial in a name, to retrieve words beginning with that word stem or initial.


  • danc* will retrieve records with the words dancing, dances, dancer, and so on

  • jones c* will retrieve records with the names jones charles, jones catherine, and so on.

When using the truncation symbol for a phrase, * must appear at the end of the search line.

Using #

Use the wildcard symbol #? if you are not sure of:

  • the spelling of a word

  • an exact title or subject heading.


  • organi#?ation will retrieve both organisation and organization.

When using the wildcard symbol, each #? only replaces 1 character—for example, t##??th will only retrieve teeth, tooth, truth, tenth, and so on, not twelfth or Turkish.