Uploading files

There are several methods by which you can upload files to the ANBD via the Data Contribution Service.

Batch upload via http

To upload files via http, you log in to Libraries Australia Administration system using a Data Contribution Service–enabled account.

There is a size limit of 10 MB for files loaded in this way.

Batch upload via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

To upload files via FTP, you log in to your password-controlled directory on Libraries Australia’s FTP server: ftp.librariesaustralia.nla.gov.au

After changing to binary mode, you upload files, then disconnect from the server.

Scheduled batch updates harvested from your FTP server

MARC files can be collected automatically by scheduled batch updates, in which the Libraries Australia FTP server logs on to your FTP server and retrieves files by ‘FTP get’.

You can schedule this option for a specified time of day on specified days of the week or month.

Manual batch upload

Files can be processed manually if they are in comma delimited ASCII format or Inmagic dump file.

To use this option, records in these files must have either ANBD or LC control numbers—Libraries Australia member support can assist you with adding control numbers to your records.