Version 0.2 of the new Libraries Australia Search interface

An alpha version 0.2 of the new Libraries Australia Search (LA Search Alpha) is now available for Libraries Australia users to try out and provide feedback.

Alpha version 0.1 was released to members during May and June. The functionality was limited to the simple and advanced search screens, search results and record full view screens plus login/IP authentication. Not all features on these screens were available. Members made lots of positive comments on the alpha interface, helping us to know that the redevelopment is on track in providing you with the system you want. More information about member feedback can be at

The alpha version 0.2 contains more functionality and features than the previous release, including two new pieces of functionality which were developed in response to user feedback and requirements:

• Compare records and report duplicates (allows users to select and compare 2-4 records side by side (in full or MARC view), and report duplicates using a pre-populated form); and

• Favourite Libraries (available to all users to enable them to select any number of favourite libraries to recognise reciprocal libraries, preferred libraries or libraries that they are affiliated with).

This release also includes: fixes to the advanced search identified in stage 3; additional search features; browse; search history; and personal accounts.

You can access the alpha version 0.2 via this link:

Before you start, read the information page about LA Search Alpha. It includes information about how to log in, how to give feedback and a list of the things that are different from the old system, (This page is accessible from a link on the top right-hand corner of the LA Search Alpha screens called "About this alpha site").

We ask that feedback be provided no later than Wednesday, 6 November.

We encourage you to have a look at what we have developed so far and provide feedback to ensure we deliver a better Libraries Australia Search Service for you.


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