Viewing records in Libraries Australia Search

You can view record in Libraries Australia Search in:

  • brief view

  • full view, or

  • MARC view.

You can print, email, download and save records from any of these views.

Brief view

Brief view is the view displayed on the Summary Results screen after a search is run.

Brief view provides less detail than Full view. It only displays the main fields—that is, title, author and place and date of publication.

Full view

Full view displays all available information about an item, including a list of libraries that hold it.

In Full view, you can use the hyperlinked fields to find other information—for example, you can click on the author’s name or the subject field to find a list of other works by that author or on that subject.

Libraries that hold an item are listed at the bottom of the record in Full view. The hyperlinks on the right take you to their entry in the Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) and Australian InterLibrary Resource Sharing (ILRS) Directory

To look at a record in Full view, click on its hyperlinked title on the Summary Results screen.

MARC view

MARC view shows field tags and includes all fields in the bibliographic record.

To look at a record in MARC view, go to Full view, then click on the ‘MARC view’ link at the top of the screen.

For more information

For a list of fields displayed in each view, see: