After completing the NLM registration form, follow the steps below for searching and requesting documents.

  1. Do a literature search using PubMed.
  2. Click the box next to any articles you want to order.
  3. Click the Order button.
  4. Enter your UserID and password (as selected by you on registration with NLM).
  5. Check Order Document button; then click Go.
  6. Review orders and delivery information.
  7. Click Send Order button.
  8. The NLM system will transfer your order to the National Library of Australia.
  9. Where possible your request will be filled from the National Library of Australia’s collection. If the material is not held by the National Library of Australia, we will obtain the document from another source.
  10. You may check the status of orders at any time. To check the status of an order, select "Status of Orders" from the drop down box on the User Login page after you have entered your UserId and Password.