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Just like an Angel of Mercy Bravely she plays her part Sheís only a Red Cross Sister But the pride of a soldierís heart. So ran the chorus of The Red-Cross Nurse March, a tribute to the nurses of the First World War. Begun as a branch of the British Red Cross Society, Australian Red Cross played a vital role in wartime, assisting the sick and wounded by providing medical equipment and supplies, sending care parcels to soldiers and raising funds.

Australian Red Cross turns 100 this year. Discover more of its fascinating story on page 2.

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  • Australian Red Cross: 100 Years On
    Melanie Oppenheimer traces the history of one of Australia’s best-known voluntary organisations
  • The House of History: Building the National Library’s Manuscripts Collection
    Patience, perseverance and a smattering of luck have been vital in amassing the Library’s remarkable collection of manuscripts, writes Ann Moyal
  • The ‘White Hat’ and the Australian Shamrock
    Joseph O’Connor spent a lifetime advancing the Irish cause in Australia, as Richard Reid explains
  • Globetrotting Scholar: David Nichol Smith
    The letters of an Oxford scholar illuminate the life of an occasionally dry, often witty, late-blooming world traveller, as Donald W. Nichol reveals
  • In the Pipeline
    Luke Keogh travels back to a little-known environmental protest
  • Still Dancing: Australian Dance Photography
    How can a photograph capture the dynamism of dance? Lee Christofis explores the work of two men who excel at a seemingly impossible task