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Appearing on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly in 1935, this illustration features the curled hair, strongly drawn eyebrows and dramatic false eyelashes that were all the rage in 1930s Australia—the decade when movie-star glamour replaced the boyish flapper look of the 1920s. Launched in 1933, The Weekly was revolutionary for its time: a publication specifically for women, combining fashion, domestic concerns and current affairs. Over its 80-year history, its pages have reflected social trends, charting Australian women’s changing roles and status. Find out more about The Australian Women’s Weekly on page 2.

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  • Fifty Years of Fashion: The Australian Women’s Weekly 
    Deborah Thomas leafs through the pages of a much-loved magazine
  • An Archive of Freedom
    The Library’s collection of French broadsides provides an intriguing window onto post-Occupation France, as Colin Nettelbeck explain
  • Old, Rare and Beautiful Books on Indonesia 
    Andrew Gosling introduces the Library’s collection of early books on Indonesia
  • Mary Gilmore: Courage and Grace 
    How much do you know about the woman on the ten-dollar note? Jennifer Gall traces an extraordinary life
  • Hidden Treasures of Australia’s North
    Cobourg Peninsula, in the Northern Territory, is one of the world’s unique wetlands
  • Nettie Huxley’s Children’s Books
    Kerry White writes about a woman who had more adventures in Australia than a fictional heroine
  • Finding Religion in the National Library 
    Tom Campbell explores religion in the Library's collections