On the cover

The first time a reigning British monarch had ever visited Australia’s shores, the much anticipated arrival of Queen Elizabeth II at Sydney Harbour on 3 February 1954 unleashed a frenzy of excitement. In a city with a population of 1.8 million people, over a million turned out to welcome the young Queen and her husband. Gracing that day’s cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly, this painting by Bonar Dunlop imaginatively portrays a smiling Queen Elizabeth alongside the Duke of Edinburgh as they sail into the harbour on the SS Gothic. Find out more on page 2.

In this issue

  • The Royal Tour 1954
    The first day of Queen Elizabeth II’s historic visit to Australia saw Sydney at fever pitch. Jane Connors travels back in time to soak up the atmosphere
  • Isobel Bennett: Doyenne of the Seashores
    At a time when science was largely a male domain, an enthusiastic and meticulous woman rose to become a founding figure in the study of Australian marine life, writes Ann Moyal
  • Gutenberg Fights On: A Survival Story
    Thomas Keneally gave the fifth Ray Mathew Lecture at the National Library on 4 September 2014
  • Undercover Designs
    Drawings made by costume designer Kristian Fredrikson for his first film commission provide an intimate glimpse into his process and practice, as Michelle Potter reveals
  • Just the Ticket! The Thomas Keneally Papers
    One scholar’s trash is another's treasure, says Paul Sharrad
  • Of Moths and King- Parrots
    On the Trail of a Colonial Natural History Artist After several false leads, an unattributed collection of sketches leads Penny Olsen to a tale of two brothers