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Forced landings, savage monsoons and near death experiences didn’t deter pioneering aviatrix Lores Bonney (1897–1994) from creating aviation history in the 1930s. She set a new Australian record for a one-day flight by a woman and was the first woman to circumnavigate mainland Australia by air.

She was also the first person to fly solo from Australia to Cape Town, South Africa, in 1937. This photo was taken during that trip and shows Lores standing next to her Klemm monoplane, My Little Ship II.

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In this issue

  • Lores Bonney: A Remarkable Woman
    Lores Bonney overcame many obstacles during her flying career. Telling Lores’ story presented biographer Kristen Alexander with her own set of challenges.
  • Religion in the Celestial Empire
    Curator Nathan Woolley examines gods, cults and divination in the Qing dynasty.
  • The Maltese of Woolloomooloo Wharf
    Barry York uses Maltese oral history accounts to discover what life was like in Woolloomooloo’s wharf community a century ago.
  • A Long Journey on the Ikebana Road
    Norman Sparnon developed a passion for the ancient art of flower arrangement amid the ruins of postwar Japan, writes Alison Broinowski.
  • Guide Alice on Mount Buffalo
    Hiking Mount Buffalo was in the pioneering Alice Manfield’s blood, explains Jennifer Gall.
  • Bravery and Disaffection on the Western Front
    Patricia Clarke looks at the letters of Major Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin DSO, MC.