Explore the wonderful world of cartoons this school holidays at Inked: Play
Inked: Play area


Curated specifically for families and children, Inked: Play looks at the wonderful world of cartoons, ideas, history and politics in accessible and activity based ways. From exploring, drawing and reading, Inked: Play has a range of experiences to engage children.
“Children learn best through creative play in the company of adults they trust and Inked: Play has been set up to support your child’s learning”, said Exhibition Curator, Dr Guy Hansen.

“Presenting these subjects in easily accessible ways is quite difficult, and a challenge professional cartoonists know very well. They expertly condense a complex idea or event down into one simple drawing—sometimes turning to fairy tales, folk songs and other cultural touchstones to express ideas. Many have used children’s stories, such as the Gumnut Babies or Little Red Riding Hood, to reflect on the current state of Australia and the world.”

These cartoons, and others, are on display in Inked: Play. Children can see the famous Gumnut Babies going off to war, create their own cartoon or draw a protest sign to hang on our display wall.

Inked: Play is open daily as part of the Inked: Australian Cartoons free exhibitiononly at the National Library of Australia, Canberra until 21 July, 2019.

Inked: Australian Cartoons presents a selection of the best cartoons from the National Library of Australia’s extensive collection of over 14,000 cartoons by dozens of different artists, from before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 up to the present.


Interview opportunity: Dr Guy Hansen, Exhibitions Curator, National Library of Australia.

Guy’s introduction to Australian politics was through the eyes of cartoonists Bruce Petty, Alan Moir and Ron Tandberg. He has curated over a dozen cartoon exhibitions and published a number of cartoon anthologies. A historian by training, Guy believes that cartoons are one of the best resources for understanding Australia’s past while also providing the opportunity for a good laugh.

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