On Tuesday 15 March, the Chinese Ambassador, Her Excellency Mme Fu Ying will formally present to Jan Fullerton, Director-General of the National Library, a full size replica terracotta warrior.

The warrior is a reproduction of one of the famous terracotta soldiers found in 1974, by farmers digging for water near the city of Xian, the ancient capital of China . They uncovered more than 8,000 warriors, horses and weapons in vaults marking the tomb of Qin Shi Huan, the first Emperor of China. The figures were arranged in battle formation and were modelled on real soldiers of different ranks.

The figure being presented is a general, and is considered to be the only example of a warrior figure on public display in Canberra.

Her Excellency Mme Fu Ying will also present the Library with a facsimile edition of the famous Chinese classical text Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government.

Ms Fullerton said, “The National Library’s Asian Collection are the largest in Australia, and presentations such as this are instrumental in strengthening our relationships and increasing mutual understanding with our regional neighbours.”

The warrior will be on permanent display in the Library’s Asian Collection Reading Room.

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