Join outstanding Australian and international authors, scholars and commentators as they speak about research based on the National Library’s collections at the conference An Open Book: Research, Imagination and thePursuit of Knowledge from Friday 29 April until Sunday 1 May 2005.

Hear fascinating insights into the connections between public and private lives of well known Australians, how different cultures intersect and are changed in the process, and how the past helps to illuminate contemporary issues and to imagine the future.

The conference coincides with the 21 st anniversary of the National Library’s Harold White Fellowship Scheme named in honour of the first National Librarian.

Jan Fullerton, Director-General National Library of Australia commented on the value of the Fellowships.

“At a time when competition for research support is intense and reduced research funding is available, the Harold White Fellowship scheme has delivered more than $500,000 to support almost 100 researchers.

“The funding is open to Australians as well as international researchers. The diversity of research that has been undertaken is testament to the richness of the Library’s collections built up over the past 100 years,” she said.

The research supported over the past 21 years includes English literature, the French revolution, Japanese studies, political biography, race relations, criminology, religious history, ornithology, photography, geology, international relations, Australian writers, composers, artists, folklore and popular culture.

Past Harold White Fellows and speakers include:

  • Geoffrey Bolton who prepared a biography of the first Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton in the lead up to Centenary of Federation. He will deliver the inaugural Kenneth Binns lecture at the conference.
  • Henry Reynolds whose work influenced the 1992 Mabo judgement of the High Court.
  • Frank Moorhouse’s research on the Library’s League of Nation’s documents underpinned his acclaimed novel Grand Days.
  • Bridget Griffen-Foley’s work on the Packer media empire and the complex relationships between Australian politicians Australian politicians and newspaper owners.

Other speakers include Sara Dowse, Tom Shapcott, Ian Britain, Ian Hancock, Veronica Brady, Carl Bridge and Carole Carpenter.

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