Trove—the National Library's online discovery service—has had some work done and is even better!

This is one of the largest updates in Trove history. Trove is now sporting a range of new features.

1. Make use of the new ‘Browse’ facility—choose from broad topics like state, title, date and category, and narrow your selection down to the article you want.
2. Navigate more easily using the icons on the left of the screen.
3. Correct text more easily—new lines can be added and empty lines deleted.
4. Customise the display—set your own contrast, font style, size and favourite zoom level.

Diagram of the Trove newspapers interface.

This work was partly funded by the generous donations received from members of the Trove community as part of the Change lives, Support Trove appeal.

A new zone for Trove—Government Gazettes

The State Library of New South Wales and the National Library of Australia are working together to make the NSW Government Gazette (1832–2001) the first title available in the new zone. Nearly one million pages will be completed by the end of the project. Local, family and social historians, legal researchers and others will enjoy easy access to this unique resource. You can use gazettes to find everything from official notices about licencing, land, honours and trade, to colonial development and convict information.


The nuts and bolts of the Trove engine have been upgraded for faster, more responsive searching and an improved experience on your mobile device.

What is staying the same?

Many things you know and love about Trove will stay the same, including the look and feel of most zones, tagging, commenting and lists, the forum and the fantastic content from organisations around Australia.


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