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Social media

Social media


We use Twitter to notify you about news, relevant items from our collection and events.

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The Library has a number of associated Twitter accounts that deal with particular aspects of the Library and our collections:


We use Facebook to let you know about major events, activities and recent acquisitions. We post photos, videos and links to resources about the Library.

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Like Trove's Facebook page for interesting stories, tips and tricks for searching, and news, as well as highlights from other collecting institutions.


We use Instagram to visually highlight items from our collection, exhibitions, events and interesting activities.

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The National Library is a member of The Commons on Flickr. The goal of The Commons is ‘to share hidden treasures from the world's public photography archives’.

More information on copyright and our images on Flickr.


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We use YouTube to host videos of many of the events held at the Library, behind the scenes interviews for many of our publications and of course our famous Christmas party dance routines.



We use SoundCloud to host our audio recordings of events and lectures.

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