Tuesday 5 February 2013

Q.4a. As part of the RFT requirement, 32 units need to be removed and disposed of. What type of units are these?

Q.4b. In Schedule 1 under Installation it states:

“The successful Tenderer will be expected to remove and dispose of the 32 microform reader/scanners following acceptance of the equipment by the Library. Removal must occur within 5 working days following acceptance of the equipment”

Can you provide a list of the Make and Model of each of the 32 microform reader/scanners that will need to be removed by the successful tenderer.  This will enable the Tenderer to calculate the cost of removing and transporting the systems from the Library within the timeframe.

A.4. There are 31 Canon MS300 units and  1 Gideon 1000 Library Researcher unit.


Tuesday 5 February 2013

Q.3 My IT department has come to me with a query on the type of processor that the "HP 8100 elite PC's" have. Apparently there are different types that can go in those PC's. i7,i5,i3 processor. Is it possible to find out what type the processor is?

A.3 The PCs at the National Library have i5 chips.

Monday 4 February 2013

Q.2 From our understanding, we believe that the National Library requires 3 copies and an original response to the RFT in 4 separate folders and four copies of all the attachments in one folder.  Is this correct or would you prefer to receive the four copies of the attachments in four separate folders, ie receiving eight folders altogether?

A.2 The Library requires 4 identical sets of the submission from each tenderer.

Each submission should be complete unto itself.  It should meet the minimum content and format requirements as specified within the RFT.

The original submission will differ from the other copies only in that it will also contain an electronic version on disk in Microsoft Word format.


Friday 25 January 2013

Q.1 Regarding your Tender requirement, section B Requirements, subsection B18:

  • “ It is desirable that the microform reader/scanners should also be able to undertake Optical Character Recognition (OCR), that is, to provide textual output of the newsprint on the microform.”

Can you please clarify whether OCR software running on the PC is acceptable or is the OCR preferred to run natively on the reader/scanner device.

A.1 OCR software running on the PC is acceptable.