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This year in association with Trove.
15 October 2015

Trove is pleased to announce that we are participating in the GIF It Up competition hosted by our friends at Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and DigitalNZ. We’re encouraging Trove users to take an image they find in Trove, animate it and enter the competition!

What’s a GIF?

A GIF is an image file that has been briefly animated and runs on a continuous loop. Here are some of the winners from last year’s competition

Nono Burling’s Man and Woman Dancing a Waltz, created from the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge. Source material courtesy University Southern California Libraries

Richard Naples Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium. Source material courtesy Smithsonian Libraries via the Biodiversity Heritage Library

The Competition

There are some great prizes on offer, including a Giphoscope and $25 Amazon gift certificates. It’s a terrific way to increase your exposure if you’re a budding digital artist, build your digital skills if you’re not, and bring history to life.

To enter GIF It Up you need to start with an image that is:

  • in the public domain
  • has a ‘no known copyright restrictions’ statement
  • has a Creative Commons license which allows for re-use.

A great place to start looking for re-usable material for your GIF is the Collections available for Re-use page.

For a quick rundown on how to turn your favourite image into a moving gif, check out the tutorials on the competition’s Resources page.

You can enter up to three separate Gifs, using still images or video. Entries are accepted between 12 October and 21 November, check out the Submission page for more detail. If you start with a Trove image, make sure you send @TroveAustralia a tweet with the hashtag #gifitup and we will happily publicise your creations as well.

A final word on Re-Use, Copyright and Licensing

While not every image you find in Trove is cleared for re-use, lots of them are. Tim highlighted the importance of copyright and licensing in a blog post earlier this year – Untangling access. To re-use an image in GIF It Up it needs to be out of copyright, or have a licence that permits re-use.

Our content partners have helped identify 32 collections in Trove that are all ok for re-use in the competition. You can find these in our Trove List: GIF It Up. The list contains only collections that are okay to re-use in the competition, and can also be re-used in other contexts, from a family historian writing a blog post to a teacher putting together a classroom activity.

To get you inspired, Trove team member and GIF first timer Jess animated this portrait of Charles Studdy Daley using instructions from DigitalNZ.

Get GIFing!

[Post authored by Trove team member Julia]

Hi there, I have made a gif using a Sam Hood pic from the NSW State Library... But i can not find it in their catalogue to sus out the copyright stuff... could you lot have a look for me... it is called "regent theatre (taken for mr curtis rko) bank nsw " thanks heaps for that in advance... and yes I found it on Trove... here is the link...
I think we saw your GIF in our twitter feed. The record is here: This is an interesting one. The negative is out of copyright but image was a reproduction of the SLNSW so they may wish to claim rights. The rights statement is here: We would advise contacting SLNSW for further information: