The objective of the Collections Management Division is to collect, organise and preserve a comprehensive collection of Australian library material and a selection of non-Australian publications supporting the study of Australia and its place in the world for current and future access.

Assistant Director-General

Ms Amelia McKenzie, Collections Management


Australian Collections Management

  • Ms Libby Cass, Director
  • Ms Erica Ryan, Assistant Director, Printed Australiana
  • Ms Rebecca Gibbs, Acting Assistant Director, Australian Contemporary Publications
  • Ms Meredith Batten, Assistant Director, Special Collections Description and Collecting Services
  • Dr Paul Koerbin, Assistant Director, Web Archiving and Government Publications

Overseas Collections and Metadata Management

  • Ms Elizabeth Baillie, Director
  • Ms Michela Goodwin, Acting Assistant Director, Overseas Collections
  • Ms Di Ouyang, Assistant Director, Asian Collections
  • Ms Julie Watson, Assistant Director, ILMS
  • Ms Catherine Argus, Assistant Director, Standards & Training

Preservation Services

  • Ms Vicki Humphrey, Director
  • Ms Denyl Cloughley, Assistant Director, Preservation
  • Mr Libor Coufal, Assistant Director, Digital Preservation

Divisional Support

  • Ms Gianoula Burns, Assistant Director, Shared Divisional Support, Collections Management and
    Australian Collections & Reader Services Divisions