The objectives of Executive and Public Programs are to:

  • develop and maintain links between the Library and communities of shared interest, nationally and internationally
  • provide support to the Library's Council and Executive
  • liaise and act as a first point of contact with the Portfolio Department
  • support fundraising and sponsorship programs.

Assistant Director-General

  • Ms Cathy Pilgrim


Executive Support

  • Ms Rosemary Turner, Director
  • Ms Francesca D'Castro, Community Heritage Grants
  • Ms Fiona Clarke, Council and Corporate Management Group Secretary
  • Ms Anna Gressier, Assistant Director Communications and Marketing / Media Liaison Manager
  • Ms Sarah Jaensch, Assistant to the Director-General

Community Outreach

  • Ms Kathryn Favelle, Director
  • Mr Stuart Baines, Assistant Director
  • Mr Ben Pratten, Manager, Education
  • Ms Antonia Kasunic, Manager, Community Partnerships & Development
  • Ms Eleanor Hing Fay, Manager, Outreach Support
  • Ms Sharyn O'Brien, Manager, Events and Venues


  • Dr Guy Hansen, Director
  • Mr Peter Appleton, Assistant Director

Publishing, Sales & Promotion

  • Ms Susan Hall, Publisher, NLA Publishing
  • Ms Candice Cappe, Manager, Sales & Promotion