The objective of the Information Technology Division is to develop and provide a range of information technology services which enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Library's staff in their administrative and professional tasks, and which support and enhance the delivery of services to the Library's clients

Assistant Director-General

  • Mr David Wong


Collection Access

  • Ms Sue Collier, Director
  • Mr Simon Jacob
  • Mr David La
  • Mr Kenji Walters
  • Ms Joanna Meakins
  • Mr Basil Dewhurst
  • Mr Gerard Clifton
  • Mr Greg Pendlebury

Collection Infrastructure

  • Ms Vinita Tuteja 
  • Mr Ninh Nguyen
  • Ms Snezana Mihajlovic
  • Mr Shaun Coen
  • Ms Ingrid Finnane
  • Ms Shuang Zhou
  • Mr Mark Harrison
  • Mr Peter Gray
  • Ms Tina Lee
  • Mr Huw Rowlands
  • Mr Jon Shaw
  • Ms Kavinga Hubert
  • Mr Terence Ingram

IT Client Services

  • Mr Keith Jeffers, Director
  • Mr Bryan Collins
  • Mr Thilak de Silva
  • Mr Peter Milnes
  • Mr Harris Ruan
  • Mr Robert Tassoni
  • Mr Tim Lipscombe

Digital Engagement Support

  • Mr Paul Hagon
  • Mr Brendon McKinley
  • Ms Samara King
  • Mr Bradley Ferguson
  • Ms Emily Sykes