The objective of the National Collections Access Division is to provide services to the library community to support sharing of library resources, and to make the collections of the nation’s libraries and cultural institutions discoverable by Australians and the world. 

Assistant Director-General

  • Ms Alison Dellit


Digitisation and Document Delivery

  • Ms Wan Wong, Director
  • Mr Peter Collins, Assistant Director, Digitisation Projects
  • Ms Margarita Moreno, Assistant Director, Document Supply Service
  • Mr Mark Piva, Assistant Director, Digitisation Program Modernisation 

Libraries Australia

  • Ms Monika Szunejko, Director
  • Ms Heather Walsh, Assistant Director, Data Services
  • Ms Nikki Darby, Assistant Director, Member Services 
  • Ms Amanda Magnussen, Assistant Director, Data Sharing Strategy


  • Ms Cathie Oats, Director
  • Ms Julia Hickie, Assistant Director, Trove Data, Discovery and Delivery
  • Ms Elizabeth Baillie, A/g Manager, eResources Consortium
  • Dr Hilary Berthon, Assistant Director, Trove Outreach

Divisional Support

  • Mr Paul Beer, Business Management