Peter McKinney
Steve Knight
Jay Gattuso
David Pearson
Libor Coufal
Kevin DeVorsey
David Anderson
Janet Delve
Ross Spencer
Jan Hutař
Publication date: 
Tuesday, 16 December, 2014

In this article we introduce the work of the National and State Libraries Australasia Digital Preservation Technical Registry project.

Any technical registry model must allow digital preservation analysts to understand the technical form of the content they are tasked with preserving, understand the capabilities they have in relation to that content, and reflect on the community position in relation to those capabilities. We believe the solution outlined here is well placed to deliver the information required to answer these questions, and in a manner that makes it easy to understand, reference and augment.

The primary focus of this article is to describe the format model, which is the most radical part of the Digital Preservation Technical Registry. The flexibility the model provides delivers on all of the requirements outlined by the NSLA partners and project team members; this includes the ability to reference many layers constituting a format, including relationships between specifications and implementations of real-world formats. We seek input from members of the community on the model and suggestions for use cases and requirements that we have not envisaged.