National Library members of staff speak with the media about some of their passions and interests.

Births Deaths etc

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Births Deaths Gold Scurvy and Marriages

Contributor: 666 ABC radio Canberra
Date published: Thursday, 3 June 2010
Duration: 8:01
Format: mp3 audio

Curator of Manuscripts Dr Marie-Louise Ayres talks about two small but meaningful collections at the National Library. The first is a set of letters between workers in the Victorian goldfields during the 1850s, The second is a small manuscript journal of a voyage in 1842 from Sydney to London by one E.I.G. Dixon (666 ABC Radio)

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Dunera Boys seventy years on

Contributor: ABC Radio National - Late night live
Date published: Friday, 12 Feb 2010
Duration: 20:40
Format: mp3 audio

Many of the Dunera Boys decided to settle in Australia and consequently contributed greatly to this country. An exhibition at the National Library of Australia commemorates the arrival of the ship Dunera that transported the men here and documents the lives of such men as Bern. (ABC Radio - Late night live.)


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Bern Brent and Susannah Helman

Contributor: ABC Radio, Bush Telegraph
Date published: Thursday, 11 Feb 2010
Duration: 18:42
Format: mp3 audio

This year marks 70 years since a boat called the Dunera arrived on Australia's shores, carrying more than 2000 boys and men from Germany, Austria and Italy who had been interned as enemy aliens in the UK during World War Two. (ABC Rural Bush Telegraph.)


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Bern Brent on his experiences as a Dunera Boy

Contributor: ABC Radio 666 Canberra
Date published: Friday, 12 Feb 2010
Duration: 11:34
Format: mp3 audio

Bern Brent was a teenager, a child of the Depression in Germany, sent by his family from Berlin to Britain to find work in a factory. He says it was "perfectly understandable" that the British government wanted to intern him and his friends though he was led to believe it would only be for a few months. (ABC 666 radio Canberra.)


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George Raper: a young gentleman from the quarterdeck

Contributor: ABC Radio National Hindsight
Date published: Wednesday, 8 Nov 2009
Duration: 55:08
Format: mp3 audio

A First Fleet story through fresh eyes, this is a tale of adventure, serendipity and recently rediscovered artistic treasure. It explores the life of George Raper, a midshipman on board the Sirius, flagship for the First Fleet.


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On the hunt for Australia's missing newspapers with Hilary Berthon

Contributor: ABC Breakfast radio Melbourne
Date published: Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009
Duration: 04:03
Format: mp3 audio

Look under your lino ... the National Library of Australia is after your old newspapers! If you have a stack of old newspapers in the back of the cupboard or out in the shed, than the National Library of Australia wants to hear from you! (ABC Breakfast radio Melbourne)


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Voss from novel to the opera stage

Contributor: 666 ABC breakfast radio Canberra
Date published: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Duration: 15:44
Format: mp3 audio

Robyn Holmes, the Library's Curator of Music, and Moffat Oxenbould, Director of Opera Australia, discuss the 'The Voss Journey' with Louise Maher.


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The World Digital Library

Contributor: 666 ABC Drive radio Canberra
Date published: Thursday, 9 Apr 2009
Duration: 05:50
Format: mp3 audio

Ross Solly speaks to John Van Odenaren, Senior Advisor to the World Digital Library, which makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.


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Radio interview about the 2009 IIF

Contributor: ABC radio Canberra
Date published:
Thursday, 26 Mar 2009
Duration: 07:18
Format: mp3 audio

Louise Maher, 666 Radio ABC interviewer talks to Bobby Graham, Director Web Publishing (Acting) about social networking at the Innovative ideas forum 2009.


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Canberra's calling! 3/4: an isle full of noises

Contributor: ABC Classic FM
Date published: Sunday, 16 Oct 2005
Duration: 59:24
mp3 audio

A trip through Australia's musical history via the music collection of the National Library of Australia and the national digitised collection at Music Australia. Written and presented by Vincent Plush with Robyn Holmes, Music Curator of the National Library. (ABC Classic FM)

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