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Museum specimens of the Paradise Parrot

By Penny Olsen

The museum specimens I located in the course of research for this book numbered far more than I expected; however, I suspect the list is incomplete. Phil Digney (see chapter 12 of Glimpses of Paradise) reported that he had seen two mounted males in the Al-Wabra Wildlife Preservation centre in Qatar, and a colleague thought she had seen a specimen on display in Helsinki—I didn’t follow up on either. Others in private collections include two males in a Melbourne collection and another, overseas, in the possession of British author Errol Fuller.

The reconstructed skeletons were also unexpected and strangely fragile, almost ethereal. The sternum in the British Museum is of interest because the antbed-nesting parrots (sometimes separated from the other Psephotus as Psephotellus) lack a furcula, which in most birds serves as a brace during the flight stroke—the absence may allow them steep lift-off from the ground.

Approximate comparative measurements of the three antbed parrots
Male Length Wing Tail Weight
Paradise Parrot 28-30cm 13cm 17.5cm -
Golden-shouldered Parrot 26-27cm 12cm 16cm 54g
Hooded Parrot 26-27cm 12.5cm 16cm 53g
Paradise Parrot 27-29cm 12.5cm 17cm -
Golden-shouldered Parrot 25-26cm 11.5cm 15.5cm 42g
Hooded Parrot 25-26cm 12cm 15.5cm 44g

Paradise Parrot Skeleton

Paradise Parrot Psephotus pulcherrimus
Skeleton, Queensland, pre-1892
Macleay Museum, The University of Sydney, B1496

[enlarge image]

Specimens of three adult Paradise Parrot males

Specimens of three adult Paradise Parrot males—the two on the right were probably collected by John Gilbert on the Darling Downs in 1844
(Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia)

[enlarge image]

Paradise Parrot material in museums collections

In the absence of full information on the specimen labels or catalogues, the information in the square brackets is based on the literature or on the assessments of Clem Fisher regarding which specimens might be those collected by John Gilbert. Sexes/ages are as supplied and are not necessarily correct.

View or download accompanying table (129kb PDF) of Paradise Parrot material in museum collections.

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