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The Paradise Parrot

These web pages relate to the book Glimpses of Paradise: The Quest for the Beautiful Parrakeet by Penny Olsen.

They provide additional material on the Paradise Parrot—museum specimens, egg data, Cyril Jerrard’s writings, and the moth that cohabits with the Paradise Parrot’s relative, the Golden-shouldered Parrot.

Glimpses of Paradise book cover

In this highly illustrated and informative book, author Penny Olsen takes us on a journey of discovery. The story of the Beautiful Parrakeet—the jewel of the parrot family—is one that combines elements of natural history, human curiosity for the rare and unobtainable, and the true facts of the mystery surrounding the bird’s fate.

ISBN 978-0-642-27652-0
flexicover, 250 x 220 mm, approx. 270 pp, b&w and colour illus.
Australia RRP A$34.95
Overseas RRP A$31.77

To order Glimpses of Paradise, go to http://shop.nla.gov.au

Additional material

Follow these links for the additional material.

Museum specimens of the Paradise Parrot

Scrambled eggs—tracking down Paradise Parrot eggs

Cyril Jerrard’s unpublished article ‘ Paradise Parrot’, 1924

Extracts relating to the Paradise Parrot from Cyril Henry Jerrard’s nature journals, 1922–1928

Extracts from William Rae McLennan’s diary relating to the discovery of the moth Trysintopa scatophaga that nests with the Golden-shouldered Parrot