The Library holds over 35,000 items relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, approximately 20,000 of which form part of the Library's print collection. The Library's print collection includes published material such as books, journals, newspapers, brochures and pamphlets.

This guide presents tips on how to search for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander related print material using the Library's catalogue, and features selected print material in the Library's collection. This guide also contains links to related websites and webpages, some of which are external to the Library.


The National Library's eResources contains links to websites and databases which feature information concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Library's eResources have three levels of access:

This research guide contains links to relevant eResources.

Catalogue search tips

Subject searching

  • select the Browse alphabetically tab
  • choose subjects from the drop-down list
  • Type your keywords in the search bar

Some examples of Browse/Subjects searches are:

Keyword searching

General keyword searches can be a useful way to identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander material which relates to a specific group of people.

Please be aware, that spelling variations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group names may affect the search results, it may be a matter of trying different spelling variants of group names. For instance, if you are seeking information relating to the Gunai/Kurnai of Victoria, items may be catalogued as "Gunai/Kurnai, "Gunai", "Kurnai" and/or "Gunnai".