Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have inhabited Australia for millenia, traditionally preserving their histories in stories, song and dance. This page focusses on histories written concerning the post-European settlement period in Australia.


The Aboriginal History Journal (Freely available online)
The Aboriginal History Journal, published by the Australian National University, covers a range of range of historical and related disciplines, including archaeology, anthropology, as well as cultural, political and economic history.

Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library (Freely available eResource)
This site contains links to indigenous studies resources for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. The links are listed under the following headings: General Resources; Governmental Web Resources; Australian Native Title; Koori Web Resources; Aboriginal History; Aboriginal Languages; Aboriginal Studies Bibliographies; University Programs; Intercultural Relationships; Aboriginal Art & Culture; and Aboriginal Online Bookstore.

Dawn and New Dawn (Freely available eResource)
Dawn and New Dawn were magazines published between 1952-1975 by the New South Wales Aborigines Welfare Board, with the aim of providing interesting information and an exchange of news and views. The Dawn and New Dawn also served as a way for people to keep in contact. Today the magazines are a valuable source of family history information as they include details of births, deaths, marriages and baptisms, as well as hundreds of photographs. They also contain articles about the conditions and activities on reserves, stations, homes and schools throughout New South Wales.

Australian Public Affairs Information Service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Subset - APAIS ATSIS (Onsite eResource only)
Covers social sciences and humanities relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature from the social sciences and humanities perspective. It includes articles covering history, economics, politics, current affairs and culture.

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Selected Print Resources

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Australian Dreaming: 40,000 Years of Aboriginal History (2005)
Presents the first Aboriginal history of the Australian continent and its people, as told by the Aboriginal story-tellers. Includes contributions from over forty story-tellers, as well as stories gathered from numerous Aboriginal communities.

Many Voices: Reflections on Experiences of Indigenous Child Separation (2002)
Includes stories from the Bringing Them Home Oral History Project - of children who were taken from their families, adults who cared for them in institutions and missions, families who took them into their homes, and government officers who enacted official policies. Accompanying sound disc features nine audio excerpts taken directly from the Project interviews.

Survival in Our Own Land: 'Aboriginal' Experiences in 'South Australia' Since 1836 (1998)
Presents the history of South Australia from the point of view of Aborigines. It contains many stories and statements from Aboriginal people, as well as over 300 photographs and facsimiles, two specially drawn maps, extensive footnotes and a full list of sources.

Aboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800 (2005)
Documents the history of black-white interaction in Victoria to the present. Based on consultation with Aboriginal communities and families, as well as a range of historical research.

Aboriginal Sydney: A Guide to Important Places of the Past and Present (2001)
Both a guide book and an alternative social history told through 50 places of significance to Sydney's Indigenous people.