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Checklist of Nineteenth Century Australian Colonial Statistical Sources: Censuses, Blue Books And Statistical Registers. 1983.
Arranged by state, this work also includes musters and provides location information for each resource.
Call Number: RF 319.4 HIS (Main Reading Room Reference Collection)
Musters and Lists, New South Wales and Norfolk Island, 1800-1802. 1988.
Includes land and stock held by free settlers and emancipated or expired convicts in 1800, Governor King's Lists of 1801 and the Norfolk Island Victualling Book of 1802.
Call Number: RX 929.394 M991
Musters of New South Wales and Norfolk Island, 1805-1806. 1989.
Includes the NSW General Muster, the NSW Land and Stock Muster, the Norfolk Island Muster and Marsden's Female Muster.
Call Number: RX 929.394 M991
General Musters of New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Dieman's Land, 1811. 1987.
The first muster to include pre-arrival and arrival information for free settlers and convicts. Includes trial date, trial place and ship of arrival.
Call Number: RX 929.394 G326
General Muster of New South Wales, 1814. 1987.
Includes references to the majority of people resident in New South Wales. Indexes include name, place of residence, ship of arrival, status, occupation, relationships. Individual entries appear for children over fourteen.
Call Number: RX 929.394 G326
General Muster and Land and Stock Muster Of New South Wales, 1822. 1988.
The General Muster includes information such as name, age, arrival status, present status, ship of arrival, sentence, occupation, employer, place of residence and employment. The Land and Stock Muster includes name, how land held, owner's location, total acres held, number of acres for each crop, acres of cleared land and stock held.
Call Number: RX 929.394 G326
General Muster List of New South Wales, 1823, 1824, 1825. 1999.
This is the last surviving muster return of the New South Wales population. Information includes name, family group, age, class, ship, year of arrival, sentence, colonial convictions, occupation/employer, nationality and relationships.
Call Number: RX 929.394 G326
Census of New South Wales, November 1828. 1980.
First detailed census for New South Wales. Includes information such as name, age, status, ship, year of arrival, sentence, religion, occupation, employer and residence.
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General Return Of Convicts in New South Wales, 1837. 1987.
This was the last return completed immediately before the cessation of convict transport to Port Jackson. Information includes name, age, ship of arrival, where tried, name of master, name of district and remarks.
Call Number: RX 929.394 G326
A Colony Detailed: the First Census of Western Australia, 1832. 1979.
The first census of the Swan River colony taken three years after establishment. Information includes name, age, condition, place of birth, country or town, profession or calling, ship and relationships. Also includes biographical notes on persons listed, a list of all colonists who died between June 1829 and July 1832 and a list of ships that called at Fremantle.
Call Number: RX 304.609941021 C719