There have been many books written about convicts and the history of transportation to Australia, and Australia's early colonial period. When using the Library Catalogue's basic search, structure your searches for precise results, using:

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Convicts : transportation & Australia by Michael Bogle (revised edition 2008)
Published in conjuction with a 1999 exhibition at Hyde Park Barracks, this book explores the nation's convict past.
Using diaries, letters and official records, David Hill reconstructs the experiences of these famous and infamous men and women of history.
Examines the relationships between Colonists and Aborigines in those early years of the colony
Families in colonial Australia edited by Patricia Grimshaw, Chris McConville, Ellen McEwen (1985)
Sixteen historians look at household life in each of the colonies from the convict era to the early 20th Century.
Includes Wild colonial boys, Gold fever and Under the Southern Cross 
Anthology which draws togetha a selection ofrom the variety of material written about Australia between 1788 and the early 1900s