Ephemera is material which is designed to be short lived and which is often not kept by its recipient. The National Library of Australia has been collecting ephemera for over 100 years and the collection includes all kinds of material: minor publications and pamphlets as well as leaflets, handbills, invitations, cards, menus and junk mail.

The ephemera material held by the Library relating to Federation includes programmes, invitations, posters, handbills promotional material, albums of newspaper and magazine clippings

Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders 'WRITE YES' Campaign Papers of Gordon Bryant, 1917-1991 

The Library holds a small but significant collection of ephemera relating to the 1967 in a collection titled: Referendum, 27 May 1967 : ephemera relating to the campaign on the questions of Parliament and Aboriginals collected by the National Library of Australia 

This collection of ephemera is concerned with the issues and debate surrounding the two questions asked at the referendum held on 27 May 1967

Question 1: to remove the requirement that the number of members of the House of Representatives must be roughly double the number of senators (not carried); and

Question 2: to give the Commonwealth Parliament the power to make laws with respect to Aboriginal people in Australia, and to include Aboriginal people in national censuses (carried).

  • Vote Yes for Aborigines May 27 card
    Footer on card states "Donations for campaign to: Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines & Torres Strait Islanders, P.O Box 24 Clifton Hill Victoria."
  • Writ for a Referendum
    Document commanding alteration of the Constitution entitled "Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) 1967"
  • Referedum (Consitution Alteration) Act 1906-1966 information sheet.
    Information sheet detailing of the arguments for and against the proposed alterations to the constitution.
  • 40th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum Celebrations Programme.
  • Vote Yes for Aboriginal Rights Referendum, 27 May 1967
    A printed brochure in support of the YES campaign. A digitised copy of this brochure is available as part of the Riley Collection. See our catalogue record for this item by clicking here
  • A proposed law to alter the Constitution so as to omit certain words relating to the People of the Aboriginal Race in any State and so that Aboriginals are to be counted in reckoning the Population.
    This item lists the amendments to the Constitution arising from the YES vote. 
  • The ephemera collection also includes Stickers, bookmarks and a leaflet relating to the 1967 Referendum.

Collections that can be considered ephemeral in nature may also be found in the Library's collections of pictures and manuscripts which include voting pamphlets, newspaper editorials, leaflets and brocures, handbills, invitations, cards, stickers and badges.