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Onsite   Australian Public Affairs Information Service - APAIS
Selected feature articles from Australian capital city newspapers. Onsite access only.

printed material Index to the Australian 1824-1842

Photocopies of microfilmed library subject cards from the Mitchell Library. Bound in 23 volumes.
Call number: RXf 079.94 AUS

microfiche Australian Town and Country Journal Card Index 1870-1914
Compiled by W.A. Bayley
Call number: mc N 807

microfilm Bulletin Index

Call number: mfm NX 140

printed material Bulletin Index
1963 - 1965
This index is arranged alphabetically under specific headings. Personal entries have been made where the article deals with the persons in any detail. Reviews of books, films, etc. have not been indexed under title.

Call number: RX 079.944 BUL