List of passengers, R.M.S. Ophir, Orient Line [picture]

Most passenger lists held at the National Library are on microfilm or microfiche and are located in the Newspapers and Microforms Reading Room. Indexes to passenger lists are mostly in electronic format bookmarked in eResources.  Some passenger lists and indexes are also accessible in, available in the National Library reading rooms via eResources. Further information on how to find these items can be found in Family History Sources in the Newspapers and Microforms Reading Room.

Assisted Immigration

Assisted arrivals to Victoria commenced in 1839 whilst Victoria was still a part of the colony of New South Wales.  The immigrant’s fare was paid, in part or completely, by the colonial government, funded by land sales in Victoria.

To find the arrival of an assisted immigrant, enter the name of your subject in the

Index to Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871 on the PROV website.

You will see a result like this:

Some individuals may have multiple entries on the same ship.  This generally indicates that there is more than one list of passengers for the ship. 

To see the passenger list, use the Book and Page above, to find the correct microfiche in Assisted Immigrants from UK, 1839-1871, Compartment 21, Call no. mc N 761, in the Family History Area.

Passenger lists of assisted arrivals may include: name, age, occupation, place of birth,

(image) in eResources provides this index but no passenger lists, at present.

The Assisted Immigrants index on the State Records of New South Wales website may contain names not on the lists above, for the period 1839-1851.  Use the index reference to consult the passenger list in the 'Online' microfilm of shipping lists  or use the microfilm (what?) in the Family History Area or check the index and images of passenger lists.