A large number of shipwrecks have occurred on the coasts of Australia and New Zealand over the years, many of which have been passenger or immigrant ships destined for an Australasian port.

The Library's collections include many works on the histories of Australian wrecks in general and to specific wrecks in particular - some from the perspectives of survivors.

Some of the more 'famous' catastrophes to occur on Australian coasts were to the following vessels:

  • Cataraqui (VIC - 1845)
  • Dunbar (NSW - 1857)
  • Loch Ard (VIC - 1878)
  • Ly-ee-Moon (NSW - 1886)
  • Quetta  (QLD - 1890)
  • Yongala (QLD - 1911)


A number of websites exist that provide details of wrecks and of their crews and passengers, including:

Australian national shipwreck database

Historic ships database

Microfilm & other published material