The Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) is the Commonwealth Government agency responsible for the publication and distribution of nautical charts and other information required for the safety of ships navigating in Australian waters. The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) assumed responsibility from the Royal Navy for hydrographic surveys in 1920, and for the publication of charts in 1942.

All charts produced by the AHS and all state maritime agencies are received by the Library on legal deposit. Charts received in the last decade or so have all been catalogued individually, otherwise request charts via the overall series-level record here.

The AHS provides an online listing of all their charts, including publication date and scale, and an interactive index map.

Charts AUS5000 and AUS5001 are the current (2014) indexes to Australian charts for the northern and southern halves of Australia respectively. Reference copies of current editions of these two charts are available in the Special Collections Reading Room.  Older editions can be requested.


To request a chart:

  1. Use one of the indexes listed above to identify the required chart(s).
  2. Search the Library’s catalogue using the chart number including the ‘AUS’ prefix (e.g. AUS4, AUS5001, etc.)