Australian law websites and databases that contain information for more than one jurisdiction

What can you access electronically in the Library?

Access the following resources via our eResources page.

AGIS Plus Text: Attorney-General's Information Service

Covers all aspects of law including banking, companies and securities, constitutional law, criminal law, environmental law, copyright law, family law, legal aid and human rights. 140 peer reviewed law journals from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region plus selected articles from major law journals from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada are included.

Westlaw AU

Westlaw AU contains the Firstpoint Case Digest and Citator service, covering Australian reported cases since 1825 and unreported judgements from September 1999. It can be used to research the litigation history of a particular case, read summaries of key cases or research a particular area of law. Westlaw AU also features authorised law reports including 'Commonwealth Law Reports' and 'Federal Court Reports'; leading practitioner journals such as 'Australian Law Journal'; Australian legislation and commentary, constantly monitored and updated to reflect current law in force; 'The Laws of Australia' and 'Australian Commercial Precedents'; and an Encyclopedia of Australian law.

What can you access online?

AustLII: Australasian Legal Information Institute

AustLII provides free internet access to public Australasian legal materials including primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals) for most jurisdictions (Commonwealth, States and Territories); secondary legal materials (e.g. law reform and royal commission reports); and a substantial collection of law journals.

Please note that AustLII does not claim to provide the official or authorised version of the information it provides. Users should confirm information from another source if it is of sufficient importance for them to do so.


An up-to-date collection of Commonwealth and non-self governing Territories legislation including the Constitution, Acts and Legislative Instruments. From 1 October 2012 it also contains notices from the Commonwealth Government Notices Gazette. ComLaw includes the only database of Australian Government legislation that is authoritative for the purposes of legal proceedings.

Foolkit: The Free Legal Toolkit

A privately owned and managed state specific legal portal containing links to information on courts, legislation, regulations and rulings.

Govpubs: The Australian Government Publications Guide

A guide to selected types of Australian government publications, including Acts, Hansards, Gazettes and Parliamentary Papers, with links to online resources and information about the holdings of Australia's National, State and Territory libraries.

Please note that GovPubs is no longer being maintained and updated. It is still a useful guide to printed publications and includes tips on where to find items in State Libraries and the National Library.

Lawlink: Australia - Courts and tribunals: homepages and judgements

Links to Courts and Tribunals websites, organised by state and territory.

Lawlink: Australia - legislation and parliament

Links to Hansard, Bills, Acts and subordinate legislation, organised by state and territory.

Parliament of Australia: Key internet links on law

This page provides links to law related resources on the web recommended by the Parliamentary Library.

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